16 Nov

Expanding GNS3VM Disk Space

So you’ve been labing things up like a mad man on your GNS3 server and you’ve finally ran out of room on your GNS3VM. Be not dismayed, follow the guidance below and you’ll be up and running in no time. From within your hypervisor management
16 May

Backing Up Free ESXi Server

Need to backup the vm’s running on your freely licensed VMware ESXi server? Look no further than Veeam! Traditionally speaking, when it  comes to VMware based hypervisors,  Veeam only caters to vSphere managed environments. With that said, Veeam has released some client side tools to
25 Oct

Graylog IP Address Changes

If your running Graylog and looking to update it’s IP address you need to modify the server.conf file located in /etc/graylog/server/. Update the rest_listen_uri and web_listen_uri sections of the config and restart graylog service Synopsis: Updating the IP address to your Graylog server requires taking