Backing Up Free ESXi Server

Need to backup the vm’s running on your freely licensed VMware ESXi server? Look no further than Veeam!

Traditionally speaking, when it  comes to VMware based hypervisors,  Veeam only caters to vSphere managed environments. With that said, Veeam has released some client side tools to backup physical Windows or Linux based servers, creating the familiar Veeam vbk and vim backup files we see in traditional Veeam virtual backups. As a long user of ghettoVCB, I had grown weary of the VIB package maintenance that comes with administering ghettoVCB. As such, I have migrated to installing Veeam backup agent inside all my Windows and Linux virtual machines and now enjoy the mostly maintenance free backups. It’s important to note that this solution isnt a virtualized backup solution (as in backing up the files that comprise a vm or leveraging native virtualization backup API’s) but a file-system level backup with agents installed and running within the operating system itself.

Veeam backup for Windows can be found here and Veeam backup for Linux can be found here. Enjoy

Graylog IP Address Changes

If your running Graylog and looking to update it’s IP address you need to modify the server.conf file located in /etc/graylog/server/. Update the rest_listen_uri and web_listen_uri sections of the config and restart graylog service


Updating the IP address to your Graylog server requires taking a few additional steps beyond modifying the server’s IP.


Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS running Graylog v2.3


sudo nano /etc/graylog/server/server.conf

Edit the following sections within the server.conf file:

rest_listen_uri = <new_ip>
web_listen_uri = <new_ip>

Lastly you need to update your inputs and change the binding address to reflect the new IP: